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hello @ all
yesterday on mei 19. birthday I get this: 

yes! he is so....cut ... ! X3~ thanks to futschie again!
haha~ i'm so happy! XDDD

so, and now~
I wich you all a nice day!

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^ - ^ ADORABLE!!
omg. i'm totally jealous! i got seek and as much as i love him...... it's not Lida!!! V_____VU

(even though i have 4 frontiers lidas....)
LOL me too.
ah gomen ne! futschie have him buy in japan. ó__ò;
You have 4 of them!?!?! Would you be interested in selling any of them.....? O_______o Cause I would definitely be interested in purchasing one of them....I'm just saying. @_@ Think about it. XD lol ^_^ Thanks soooooo much for the screencaps byt the way!! I love them! I think they will defintely help with the Cosplay of Roman Hikou that me and my best friend are planning to do! ^_^ <3 *~Suger~*
so cute <333 you should take lots of pics of him having adventures ^_^

yes. but first i must go on adventures! XD~ than i can teke sime pictures of him on adventures! XDD~
Cute :D